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Jan, 2021

Boundary Update

Good Friday evening Cibola families.

I am happy to share the news that registration for Spring 2021 is now back open. The boundary map has been updated for your convenience when checking if you live in our league boundaries.

As described in my previous email, our boundary changed. You can find the updated boundary map at

For those of you who registered with us in Spring 2020, and now find you live outside our boundary, you can still play with Cibola. There is a mechanism for this. Please contact us if you fall into this category and want to stay with Cibola and we will help you out. This applies to siblings as well, even if they did not register with us in Spring 2020. 

Keep in mind, if you live outside our boundaries but registered for Spring 2020, your child can continue to play for Cibola until:

  • You child does not play a Spring season with Cibola (either by going to a different league or by laying out a season)

  • Or plays a Fall season with another League

Essentially, your child must continue to play Spring ball with Cibola Little League or your child will lose the right to return to Cibola Little League. 

We re-opened Spring 2021 registration with the hope and anticipation that the Public Health Order will be modified in such a way as to allow the spring season to take place. This is not a guarantee, however. But we wanted to at least be ready in case it is allowed. 

In the event we have to cancel the Spring season again, we plan on giving a full refund to you, up to the point when we will have to order uniforms. If we order uniforms and then have to cancel the season, we will first try to return the uniforms. If that is not an option, we will deduct the cost of the uniform from the registration cost and refund the balance to you. The uniforms will be given out to the children in that scenario. 

I hope this information helps you all make a decision whether to register with Cibola or not. 

Damyan Brown

President, Cibola Little League