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We are excited to have you join us for the 2023 Spring Season!

Please note that all divisions have a limit on the number of players that can be registered. This is unfortunate but necessary due to the limited number of fields that we have available for use. As the end of registration gets closer, the board will realign any divisions based on the number of registrations to try and get players off the waiting list.

We are full in all division except those listed below. With only 2 fields we can only register so many players and teams.

It is your responsibility to ensure your players are registered in the right divisions. If you ask to move them after there is a waiting list, your player will go to the waiting list. Please double check you have registered your players for the correct divisions. Registering for an alternative division and asking to swap divisions will not get you around the waitlist.

You can use the Little League Age Calculator to determine your player's league age. The league age and player age may be different. You must register based on the players league age. If your player is 8 but their league age is 9, they are only eligible to register for age divisions that allow 9-year old's. You can notify the league if you feel their playing abilities/skill levels are not adequate for the division they are registering for, and the board will have a skills assessment conducted. While we understand your concerns about your player, we have to view the request from what is best for all players.

Your player must live or go to school within our boundaries to play at Cibola Little League. This is not a Cibola Little League decision but a Little League requirement. You can use the little league finder to determine if you are within our boundaries. If you are using a school for your player to meet the residency requirements, you can get a copy of the form here. You do not need to have the form signed by the school prior to registration but you do need it signed prior to 11 Feb 2023. You can log back in and upload the form to your player profile, bring it to player verification day on 21 or 28 Jan 2023, or skills assessment day on 11 Feb 2023.

The T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant is dedicated to helping families in need by covering registration fees associated with their local Little League program. Through a simple application process, families can qualify to have their registration fees paid by T-Mobile. The Call Up Grant has awarded more than $3.5 million to help cover registration fees for over 30,000 Little Leaguers in 2020-22. If you are planning to use the Call Up Grant, please submit for it soon. 

Additional Information can be found on our Spring 2023 Information page.

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