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Cibola Little League


Skills Assessment

~ FEB 11th, 2023 @ Cibola Little League Fields ~

This is for minor, major, intermediate, junior, and senior baseball and softball divisions only.

Tee Ball and Rookie Baseball and Softball Division click here for information on the player placement process.


What to bring:

  • Gloves
  • Bats
  • Batting Helmets (The league will have some available!)
  • Cleats (No Metal Cleats)
  • Hat/Sunglasses

How should players dress:

  • Players should dress like they are ready to practice or play in a game.
  • Bring a sweater or jacket in the event it is cold.

Do I need to stay:

  • Yes, we are not collecting medical releases for your players. 
  • You need to be there in the event something happens.

How does the skills assessment work:

  • You and your player need to check-in during the assigned check-in period only. The earlier the better, so they can get warmed-up.
  • When they check-in, they will be issued a number that managers will reference the players by during the assessment. They will line-up and participate in this order the entire assessment.
  • They will rotate through the skills listed below as a group.
  • When they have completed the last assessment area, they will be free to leave.
  • After the entire assessment has been completed, the player agent and the managers will conduct a draft.
  • Teams will be announced at the Parent Meeting (TBD). Managers will not be allowed to announce or contact you until after the parent meeting.

What skills are assessed:

  • Pitching
  • Hitting
  • Fielding
  • Batting
  • Running

What if I want my player to participate in a division up or down from where they are registered:

  • Little League requires your player to register in the division that is age appropriate for them based on the league bylaws in accordance with Little League defined rules.
  • If you feel your player should be playing up or down, you can declare this to us prior to the assessment. The player agent and managers that are conducting the assessment will determine if they believe the skills level of the player is or is not adequate to be playing in the registered division. Based on their recommendation, the president will coordinate, as appropriate, with Little League to obtain any required waivers for the player to play up or down. The decision to play a player up or down is based on the overall impact to all players involved not just a single player.

What happens if I my player cannot attend the Skills Assessment:

  • In accordance with LL Rules and Regulations, you player will not be eligible for the draft. Your player would be drawn randomly from a pool of players that registered and did not attend the Skills Assessment and be placed on a team by the player agent. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Can my player be placed back on the same team as they were last year:

  • No, they must all attend the skills assessment, and they must all be drafted to a team or placed on a team by the player agent because they did not show for the assessment.


ALL Softball

800am - 845amPlayer Check-In 
845am - 900amPlayer line-up and instruction 
900am - 1100amPlayer Skills Assessment


Minor Baseball

1030am - 1115amPlayer Check-In 
1115am - 1130amPlayer line-up and instruction 
1130am - 100pmPlayer Skills Assessment


Major and up Baseball

12:30pm - 1:15pmPlayer Check-In 
1:15pm - 1:30pmPlayer line-up and instruction 
1:30pm - 3:00pmPlayer Skills Assessment