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Cibola Little League


Player Placement

This is for tee-ball, rookie baseball, and rookie softball divisions only.

Minor and up baseball and softball division click here for information on the skills assessment process.


What team will my player be placed on:

  • By LL Rules and Regulation all players (new or returning) are placed in a player pool when they register. Those players are then placed on teams by the Player Agent in an attempt to balance the playing strength of all teams. This means that each team will have experienced and new players to the league and/or division on the teams. No one team will be allowed to have all returning players from the previous season on their team.

Coach and Teammate Requests:

  • We allow REQUESTS for coaches and teammates. However, we do not guarantee that your player will be placed on those teams. We understand that your player may have had the best experience in the world, the best coach available, etc. However, when they get to the Minor Division of baseball, they have to get drafted. There is no coach or teammate requesting. We do try to put a portion of the same players back on teams to help with the friendship and fun portion of the game.
  • If you player is not placed with a coach or friend, it is not personal decision to just not put them there. We are trying to ensure that all teams have talented and experience players, so that all teams are, hopefully, equally skilled. Putting all the 8 years olds on one team and all the 6 years on another team doesn't make for a great experience for either team, players, and/or coaches. 

Assistant Coach Selections:

  • Until teams are created, and managers are assigned, we are unable to fulfill assistant coach requests. This is because we can't guarantee where you player will be placed. Managers are required to select their coaches from the parents of the players that are placed on the team they are provided. This is a Little League requirement.

When will I know what team, my player was placed on:

  • We will hold our annual parent meeting and manager/player meet and greet at the end of February. At this event, you will be able to find out what team your player is on and who their manager is. Managers will not be given advanced notice of their teams.