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Cibola Little League


Registration Info

Cibola Little League will open registration for the 2024 Spring Season on 4 Dec 2023.

Registration costs will remain the same as last spring!
  • 1st Player = $120
  • 2nd Player = $120
  • Each additional player after the 2nd Player = $100

In addition to the registration fee, there is also a one-time family fundraiser fee of $50 that is accessed to the first players registration. This covers our annual raffle that is held on opening day. Raffles tickets will be available for pick-up from the league starting Jan 20th, 2024. They must be turned-in on or before opening day. Families can choose to put their names on the raffle ticket and turn them in or sell the tickets for $2 each to friends or family and then turn them in.

Example Registration Costs:
  • 1 Player: $120 Registration + $50 Family Fundraiser fee = $170
  • 2 Players: $120 Registration (1st Player) + $50 Family Fundraiser fee + $120 Registration (2nd Player) = $290
  • 3 Players: $120 Registration (1st Player) + $50 Family Fundraiser fee + $120 Registration (2nd Player) + $100 Registration (3rd Player) = $390
  • 4 Players:  $120 Registration (1st Player) + $50 Family Fundraiser fee + $120 Registration (2nd Player) + $100 Registration (3rd Player) + $100 Registration (4th Player) = $490

Tee-Ball and Rookie Placement

Players registered in the Tee-Ball and Rookie Divisions will be placed on teams by the division player agent.

While coach requests are taken, they are NOT guaranteed. We must try and balance all teams across the division.

Skills Assessment

All players in the minor and up divisions of baseball and softball will be required to attend skills assessment.


Players will first be drafted to the Major division that are league ages 10-12 years old. Any league age 10 players not selected to a Major division team will be eligible for the Minor division draft.

League age 9 players will be allowed to attend the Major division skills assessment for selection to a Major division team. If they are not selected to a Major division, they will become eligible for draft in the minor division.

If you have siblings that you would like drafted to the same team, you need to file a request to the league at [email protected] 72 hours prior to the skills assessment date. Drafting siblings to the same team is not a guarantee but something we will certainly try to work out. However, if we are not notified, they are likely to not be drafted together.


(NEW) Military/First Responder Discounts are available. You will need to contact us at [email protected] to provide the required validation information and number of players you are registering. We will then provide you a code to use for your players registration. The discount code will be good for 10% off the player registration portion of the costs only.


  • 4 Dec 2023: Online Registration Opens
  • 20 Jan 2024: In-person document verification
  • 27 Jan 2024: In-person document verification
  • 10 Feb 2024: (Tentative) Skills Assessment
  • 26 Feb 2024: (Tentative) Practice Start
  • 1 Apr 2024: (Tentative) Games Start
  • 6 Apr 2024: (Tentative) Open Ceremonies
  • 24 May 2024: End of Season
  • June - Aug: All-Stars

Family Fundraiser

Cibola LL will again host our annual spring opening day fundraiser. 

When you register your players, you will be charged a $50 fundraiser fee to the first player. This is a one-time fee for each family. 

In January on one of the in-person verification days, you will be able to pick-up your raffle tickets. If you are unable to pick them up on one of these days, we will host additional pick-up days.

You may sell the raffle tickets for $2 each and put the $50 back in your pocket since you already paid the fee, or you may put your name on the raffle tickets. The choice is yours.

Prizes to be listed soon!

You must turn in all tickets prior to the start of opening day on 6 April 2024.


We are always in need of volunteers for managing, coaching, umpiring, and concessions. If you are interested, please visit our volunteering page to get started.