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Cibola Little League


Opening Ceremonies

Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Time: 11am

Rio Rancho High School Baseball Field


What to expect:
  • Players should start arriving 1 hours before the scheduled ceremony time in uniform as they would for a game.
  • Players should be taken to the JV field 30 minutes, prior to the start of opening ceremonies.
  • Players will be lined up by teams on the JV field.
    • Only Players, Managers, and Coaches will be allowed from this point on!
  • Teams will parade from the JV field to the Varsity field. 
  • An introduction to the 2023 Season Board of Directors will be conducted.
  • Teams will be introduced from Tee-Ball to Senior BB/SB.
    • Pictures will be taken of each team.
  • Player raffles will be conducted.
  • Fundraiser raffles will be conducted.