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T-Mobile Call-up Grant

If you need assistance with registration fees, T-Mobile will again be running their Call-up Grant Program. The program is not yet open for 2024. However, you can get signed up to receive notifications when the program becomes active.

Things to note:
  • They are processed on first come, first server by the T-Mobile Program.
  • They do eventually run out of funds; it is important to register as soon as they open to have a chance to get support.
  • They have typically only covered up to $150 of the registration cost per player. Any amount over the $150 is the responsibility of the person registering the players.
  • CLL has no control or input over the process.

To get registered to receive information when the program opens, you can sign-up at T-Mobile Little League┬« Call Up Grant Program - Little League.

Registration Information


Registration for the Spring 2024 season begins December 4, 2024. Registration will be open until February 3, 2024 or when the divisions have been filled, whichever comes first. Once divisions have been filled, we will go to a waitlist. Unfortunately, we continue to be impacted by the limited number of fields at this time that push us to restrict registration limits. The only way to ensure your player is guaranteed a spot is to get them registered, ASAP! If you need assistance with the registration fees, please take advantage of the T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant.

The T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant is dedicated to helping families in need by covering registration fees associated with their local Little League program. Through a simple application process, families can qualify to have their registration fees paid by T-Mobile. The Call Up Grant has awarded more than $3.5 million to help cover registration fees for over 30,000 Little Leaguers in 2020-22

Registration Costs
Registration costs for the 2024 season are as follows:
  • 1st Player: $170 ($120 + $50 Family Fund Raiser Fee)
  • 2nd Player: $120
  • Each additional player: $100 each
If you are registering two players your total would be $170 + $120 for $290.
If you are registering three players your total would be $170 + $120 + $100 for $390.
If you are registering four players your total would be $170 + $120 + $100 +$100 for $490.

Raffle Tickets Fund Raiser
As with past seasons, we will be using the Raffle Tickets as our annual league fundraiser. You should pick-up your tickets at in-person registration and verification day. You have paid for them as part of your registration fee. You may sell them for $2 each and earn back your money spent or place your own name on the tickets for a chance to win the prizes at opening day.

In-person Registration and Verification
We will be hosting in-person registration and verification on 21 and 28 Jan 2023. DO NOT wait until these dates to register, we will likely be full by these dates due to the registration limits we have put in place. We will be conducting verifications and background checks on these two dates. If you don't upload ALL of your players verification documents, you must attend one of these two dates to get this requirement done. If your player is not verified by 9 AM on 12 Feb, they are subject to being unregistered from the league. We need to get players placed on and drafted to teams so we can order uniforms and supplies in time for the season to begin.

Volunteering & Background Checks
All Volunteers will be cleared in accordance with Little League International Rules and Regulations. This includes completing a background check through JDP, Government Issued Photo ID Review, Review of Background Documentation, and approval from the Board of Directors. If you know you will be volunteering this season, you should plan to attend in-person registration and verification days to complete the process. We will be issuing some sort of identification this year to identify all cleared volunteers. 

Thanks again for your continued support and participation with Cibola Little League.

Ron Thompson



Player Placement and Skills Assessment Info

Tee Ball and Rookie Baseball/Softball

Players as required by LL Rules and Regulations are placed on teams by the player agent for that division. We do allow coach/team/friend requests, but those requests are not a guarantee of player placement. We are required to ensure that teams are balanced across the divisions to the best of our abilities. The easiest way to do that is to ensure that new and returning players are spread across all teams in the division.

  • New players to a division will be evenly distributed amongst all the teams.
  • Returning players will be placed across the teams until the teams are full. We will use requests to fill the teams provided we can keep the teams balanced.
  • If there are sibling requests in these divisions will be honored, provided these requests were made known at registration time.

Minor and up Baseball/Softball

All players in the Minor and up Baseball or Softball must attend skills assessment day on Feb 11th and be drafted or placed on a team. The skills assessment allows out managers to conduct a draft to try and balance the teams. 
  • There are NO coach/team requests allowed for the Spring season.
  • Siblings can be requested to be placed on the same team. Managers cannot be required to select both siblings, however; the league will encourage to the maximum extent possible they try to make it work-out. You must indicate this during registration or before the skills assessment. After the draft, the players will remain on their drafted teams.
  • There are no property players in the Minor League divisions. All players were returned to players pool at the of last spring and must be drafted to new teams.
  • Players in the Major and up divisions may return to their previous teams from the previous season or become eligible for draft selection. Returning to a team does not guarantee it will be the same manager. It only means that if some of the players on a team all choose to return to a team they were on last spring, they would all be placed back on the same team. The rest of the team is drafted by the manager. 
  • Players that do not attend the skills assessment will not be eligible for the draft by a manager and MUST be placed on teams by the player agent.  No exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

  • How do I guarantee my player is placed back on the same team as last season? Little League has strict rules on this topic. Players at the end of a season must be returned to a player's pool and all teams disbanded. When the new season starts, players must be placed teams in Tee Ball and Rookie divisions and drafted after skills assessments in the Minor and up divisions. There are ZERO guarantees of a player being placed on a team they were on before. We do allow team requests in the lower divisions but those are only taken into consideration as we balance the teams for play during the season. Managers are also reselected from scratch each season as returning managers are not guaranteed to be returned.
  • Can I get a waiver for my player to play in a younger division? A skills assessment must be conducted to determine what division they should be participating in. If your player is of a league age for Minor Baseball and you want them to play another season of Rookie Baseball, the managers for the Minor Baseball division, the player agent, and/or president MUST access the player at the skills assessment. If the assessment is that the player is not ready for the age division they are required to register for, the league can choose to place the player in the lower division. 
  • Can I get a waiver for my player to play in an older division? A skills assessment must be conducted to determine what division they should be participating in. The upper division manager, player agent, and/or president must determine they have the skills necessary to participate at that age level. If a decision is made in favor of allowing them to participate at the next level, a waiver request must be made by the parents, signed by the president, and forwarded up through Little League channels for approval. Until it is approved, the player may not participate in that division. They would not be covered by the Little League insurance without an approved and signed waiver. 

Calendar of Events

2024 Calendar

  • 2023
    • Dec 4th - Registration Opens
  • 2024
    • Jan 20th 9a-1p - In-person Player Registration and Verification, and Background Verifications
    • Jan 27th 8-11a - In-person Registration and Verification and Background Verification
    • Feb 10th - Skills Assessment for Minor and up Baseball and Softball
    • Mar 1st - Practice Begin
The calendar is subject to changes. Please check email, social media, and the website for changes.


Interested In Managing

You need to complete one of the forms provided below. Remember that applying to manage, does not guarantee you a team. You are also subject to a background check and board approval.